Comic Strip

Ways to Make a Comic Strip

Comics are fun and rejuvenating concepts that are not only meant for children but are also equally enjoyed by adults in today’s world. They are one of the most fun ways to learn and tell stories with a combination of texts and images. Whether you’re an inspiring cartoonist or you’re making comic strips as a hobby, you will want to get it right, lest the meaning and the essence of a comic strip are lost.

If you are looking for ways to get started and start making a comic strip, here is a guide to get you started.

Comic Strip

Developing your idea

Before you begin making the best comic strip of your life, you need to develop ideas and concepts for your comic story. It can be anything from a simple gag to a complex narrative, but the story should be formed in such a way that it portrays your excitement and passion for storytelling. Then, in order to deliver the best story, you can consider it from the readers’ point of view.

Creating characters

Once the plot and story are written, you must consider your characters. Start with one or two characters and imagine their appearance. You can also give them unique personalities and traits to help them stand out. Next, you need to experiment with different looks until you fix one.

Planning your panels

The entire layout of the comic strip should be planned, which decides where each panel is placed. Since each panel will convey a message or tell a story, it should be placed sequentially. Creating a rough sketch can also help in figuring out the story’s layout and flow of the entire story.

Writing the script

Once everything is decided, the script or the story is written, which involves dialogues, narration, captions, and other texts which will accompany the images. The script should be focused and concise to fit the panel constraints. Since comic strips are visual media to tell a story, they should be able to convey as much message as possible through images.

Sketching the comic strip

Once the layout and the script are in hand, it is important to sketch the comic strip. It is best to make use of a pencil to chalk out the panel and testify about the mistakes, if any. After the sketching is finalized, ink can be added to the images, but it is essential to be careful regarding lines and margins. Once the ink is added, you can also color the strip and refine it in case there are any mistakes in the drawings.


Adding text

Once the sketch is colored and refined, it is essential to add the written scripts and dialogs, narrations, and captions in each of the panels. Again, the placement and size of the text are important to consider, drastically impacting how the comic strip is read.

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