Comic Characters

Tips For Creating Memorable Comic Characters

Whether you’re writing a script or a sketch, the key to creating strong comedic characters is to have their balance out and show some redeemable, human qualities. This will make them lovable to your readers and give them a chance to shine as comedy characters.

Identify Their Flaws and Conflicts

The most famous comedy characters tend to have one thing in common- they are all struggling with something. It could be their job, family, or some other life issue causing them to feel insecure and out of sync with their personality. Once you’ve identified this, take some time to delve into these struggles and develop your character.

Have a List of Their Negative Qualities, Failings, and Shortcomings

Once you have a clear list of your character’s negative qualities, failings, and shortcomings, try to find ways to accentuate them. This can be done in the form of their dialogue, their actions, or their attitudes toward certain situations. This will help accentuate a trait you may not have thought about before and can lead to some great comic moments. You can also accentuate this trait through exaggeration or emphasis. You can change how they talk, respond to a situation, or even make them look like different animals.


Play with Perspective and Frames

This is a tricky one to get right, but it’s an important one. You’re writing a scene or a sequence in your screenplay because it will be played out to an audience, and this means that there will be many perspectives from which your character can be framed. In some cases, this will make it easier to find comedic moments because you’ll have more opportunities to hone in on the best funny angle.

Highlight the humor

Another important consideration is to remember that your comedy is not about being the “funniest” character in your story- it’s about highlighting the humor of your characters and their interactions with others. It’s a great way to make your characters and their situations more memorable, and it will also help them stand out from your other character types.

Keeping the Reader’s Interest

Once your audience has identified your character as a comedy vehicle, they will read and react to them a lot differently than they would another character in the same story. This is because your comedy will be able to draw on the audience’s investment in the story and make them laugh at the subtlety of your jokes.

This is why it’s so important to know your comedy well and be able to make the most of it. To do this, you should analyze the text of your screenplay or script and figure out what makes each scene or storyline funny. This will allow you to understand what makes each moment and character so funny and how you can rewrite these scenes or moments for maximum impact.

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