Movies Based on Comic Strips

Movies Based on Comic Strips

  • Garfield is an American comic strip featuring Garfield, an apt description of a typical cat with a creative, curious, naughty mind but lazy nature. He makes everyone’s day with relevant affiliations to his obsessive eating, coffee love, and lasagna. The comic found its success in the form of animated films, television series, theatrical films, and the well-known orange cat merchandise.


  • Peanuts are one of the classic comics that most literary enthusiasts enjoy. It is simple yet effective in bringing joy to all hearts. The comic strip includes a class of small kids who have distinct characters. The fun lies in choosing their favorite character, along with the naughty and imaginative Snoopy, the dog, and the yellow bird Woodstock ringing a tune to the ears as he speaks. The comic is endearing and continues to do so with succeeding movies.

 Comic Strips


  • The Simpsons is an American comic strip most famous for its animated sitcom. The comic is based on a family headed by Homer and focuses on him along with the city’s other family members and people. The dysfunctional family comedy with the clever plot is the successful formula of the comic to movie creation. In addition, it succeeded in adding Homer’s exclamatory “D’oh!” catchphrase into English.


  • Tarzan was one of the best-known children’s comics. The movie is an all-time success, including the charming TV cartoon. Tarzan is a wonder boy lost in the forest, growing up to be a man raised by apes. He performs many exciting adventures along with his female counterpart Jane. The comic, book and cartoon have interesting forest backdrops and feat to the eyes.


  • Wonder Woman is an ongoing American comic book that was first a comic strip. Wonder woman is the most famous female superhero on par or above superwoman. The movie of recent times found most success than many contemporary movies. The titular character is an Amazon blue blood, so the story includes different plots as a comic and is yet to explore the movie world.

Wonder Woman


  • Superman is still an ongoing comic representing DC Comics and has found massive success in movies and continues to do so. The comic character has inspired many characters worldwide, including a negatively shaded Star lander. He has a strong backstory from a different planet and strives to save Earth.


  • Batman is one of the creations of DC Comics which is very famous. Finding success in most countries worldwide, the comic owes its part of the success to the sidekick, Robin the Boy Wonder. More than the comics, the movies brought other fan following to the villain, the Joker. Spin-offs are celebrating the archenemy of Batman.


  • Spider-Man is a superhero from the Marvel Comic franchise. Spiderman is the most successful movie in history turned from a comic. This movie sports a teen who gets bit by a spider to develop “spider-sense.” His precognition ability, superhuman strength, speed, agility, and family drama, add the recipe for a perfect entertainer, both in the form of books and movies. The franchise expands into merchandise and other forms of business.


  • The Hulk is a superhero created in Marvel comics. The writer Stan Lee created the comic character based on Dr. Robert Bruce Banner physicist with a dissociative disorder with an alter geo Hulk. The person is portrayed as socially withdrawn and emotionally reserved but turns into a giant green humanoid due to accidental exposure to gamma rays. He turns to Hulk when he is emotionally stressed. Following a huge success, this comic took the form of movies and got a bigger hit to succeed in more movies and sell merchandise.



  • Other successful comic strips turned movies, such as Addams Family, Dennis the menace, Flash the superhero, and so on, add enjoyment to our lives.
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