Cartoonist vs. Comic Artist

Cartoonist vs. Comic Artist: What’s the Difference?

Cartoonists create images that are frequently amusing and sometimes convey a message, usually in a single frame. Comic book, comic strip, and comic artists also create images, but they combine these images into many frames to construct a story. Cartoonists and Comic artists both represent two genres of art forms. While cartoonists make fun of a situation through their paintings or visual way. Whereas comic artist makes mockery through a particular way of humorous style.

Who are cartoonists?

Cartoonists are artists who mainly draw still or unmovable pictures to amuse, entertain or educate people. This type of illustration is mainly used in the marketing industry, advertisements, newspapers, comic books, novels, books, greeting cards and so on. Cartoon incorporates various subjects in an art form such as politics, drama, sports and so on through the cartoonists’ drawing skills. A cartoonist usually draws a more complicated thing in a humorous and simple way.

Who are Comic Artists?

Who are cartoonists?

A comic artist usually designs visual aspects of various types of comics, graphic novels, magazines and so on. They do not typically incorporate text into their comics rather they design the dialogue and story inside the comic strip. They create the illustration in such a way as to describe multiple comic ideas through that only.

Difference between Cartoonist and a Comic artist


The main difference between these two is the genre as these two art forms belong to completely different genres. The difference in the genre in art form also differentiates the pattern of work form, as well as the two products, will be different also. A comic strip is a single line or more that tells a concise story within two lines whereas a cartoon book consists of a large strip defining the story.



The way of storytelling is another common difference between the two forms. This mostly happens because a cartoonist mainly gives focuses on the piece he is working on or on that particular topic. He conveys specific ideas or thoughts through his works; moreover, cartoonists don’t need to have high storytelling power. Whereas for comic artists storytelling is a part and parcel of their job profile. Because often their aim is to convey a complex narrative through a simple way of storytelling art.

Typical employers

Both of them can also differ as far as types of places are concerned where they get employed. Because cartoonist is free to work in any type of industry like marketing, advertisement and they also can use any type of image, illustration for their professional purpose. Whereas comic artists have to work in only the comic industry where they can work as a freelancer or full-time.