Be Creative with Activities While Including Comics

Comics can be used in various creative activities to help students build the 4 Cs (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity). In addition to helping students learn and practice critical thinking skills, comics can also promote literacy and foster a positive reading attitude.

Create Personal Stories

Telling personal stories can be fun to share your experience with others and connect with readers. You can start with a simple story about an important event or family history and tell stories about everyday events and experiences.


Make a Cell Phone Case with Comics

Creating a cute and unique cell phone case using comics is an easy project that can be completed in a short amount of time. You can find templates in Canva that will guide you through the process and allow you to customize your design for a perfect fit easily.

Add Sound Effects to Your Comics

One of the best ways to enhance a comic with a sense of humor is to include sound effects in the drawings. Whether a rocket launching or a pack of wolves howling at the moon, adding a sound to your comic can create an even more exciting and engaging story.

Layout Your Comics correctly

To create a strong and effective comic, it’s essential to make sure that your drawing is in a clean and organized format. A clean and simple layout will encourage readers to pay attention to the details in your comic, and a simple design will also make it easier to follow the story you’re telling.

Draw and Edit Your Comics

You’ll want to ensure your comics are well-illustrated before printing them out. This can be done by adding details to your images, such as shadows and other elements that add depth and visual interest to your comics.

This will help readers feel that your comic is a complete and meaningful story. If you’re new to the comics making process, consider creating a few practice strips before you begin illustrating your final comic.

You can upload your comics to a website or social media page to share with friends when you’re done. A digital comic strip can also help a business or brand convey its personality and values, forming a unique communication strategy.

Use Your Comics to Support Client Work

Creating a comic strip can be a great way to work with clients to improve their relationships, overcome trauma and challenges, or find a more positive balance in their lives. As with other non-directive art techniques, you can steer this activity in a direction that works best for your client, such as using multi-panel drawings to communicate the experience of a difficult situation or working on metaphors to help a client better understand their emotions and behaviors.


Like all art materials, comics should be handled with care to prevent them from being damaged or destroyed by handling. Ensure that the paper you use is nitrile. This will prevent oils and other materials from transferring to your comics from your hands, which can cause deterioration.