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Stockshot Mayhem

Stock photographs, you can't beat em. Weve messed with them, animated them and turned them into practically films.


Cartoon Strip

This is a selection from our cartoon strip. Not all of them unfortunately as we are currently trying to get them
published and were advised by our agent to only show a few for the meantime.


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An animation, rich web application, desktop application, smartphone app, mobile game, and embedded web browser video player may all be created with Adobe Flash.


The industry standard for photo editing software, Photoshop is the preferred choice for anything from minor retouching adjustments to innovative picture art.


On GIPHY, discover and share the greatest animated GIFs and the most popular animated GIFs. Discover GIFs that are amusing, adorable, and more.


In contrast to traditional modes of communication, cartoons constitute a distinctive sort of journalism. The pictures can powerfully convey the news of the day.


A humorous piece of writing draws viewers in and enhances it. Discovering the humor in situations can assist to ease stress and tension.


Young children require visuals to help them develop their imagination, for this reason, children's books must contain illustrations that are vibrant and bright.


The World Of Fancyteeth Animations

Animation is a technique used to make stationary images appear to be moving. Traditional animation involves hand-painting or drawing pictures on translucent celluloid sheets, which are then captured and shown in the cinema. The majority of animations built today use computer-generated graphics (CGI).




Tomfoolery Animation

It's the tomfoolery section. A fine collection of flash interactive game type things, the odd animation and celebrities such as Hercule Poirot feature in this cavalcade of adult orientated delights.


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Amazing Comic Strip Examples to Inspire Your Ideas

Comic Strip

Comic books were a part of everyone’s childhood. The visuals, small stories, and simple English used in the strips have a different fan base.

For those who aren’t aware, comic strips are stories depicted in the form of comics, with tons of visuals and dialogues that keep the readers hooked to their seats. Aside from being an entertainment factor, they’re also a great way to promote literacy. Today, comic strips are also used to discuss social and political issues.

If you’re a comic writer looking for comic strip ideas, you are at the right place. You should continue reading to find some of the best examples to ignite the comedian inside you!

Manga Comic by Akimaro

Akimaro, or Adriana De la Torre, is famous for creating some popular manga comics in recent times. With high-contrast images, dynamic characters, and movement, she has created a remarkable series of manga comics that has become a new teen addition. She mainly makes use of emotion-based illustrations to depict her stories visually.

comic writer

Social media cartoon by Raul Salazar

Social media is a great platform to grasp ideas for comic strips. For instance, Raul Salazar gained inspiration from #WhatTheFluffChallange on social media for his comic. He aced graphic humor and is also a brand to promote comic strips on social media.

Use Mixed Media by Ariel Olivetti

The growth of comics has grown to such an extent that people are no longer confined to gadgets and pens for illustrations but are also inclined to use watercolors, acrylic colors, etc., to depict their messages. Ariel Olivetti has worked for over 25 years with DC Comics and Marvel to deliver iconic superhero comic strips. Mixed media techniques can help comic strip writers emphasize human figures and enhance their aesthetic appearance in general.

An abstract comic strip by Ana Galvan

Her comics are mainly filled with minimal colors yet are bright and wobbly. She primarily focuses on creating short comic strips that best fit publications and different studios.

Monochrome Visuals by Charles Glaubitz

Charles Glaubitz emphasizes monochromatic comic strips with shadow drawings that create a visual impact on the readers. His comic strips mainly introduce people to play with narration, which also helps keep every scene intact. His comic strips mainly consist of abstract and strange images.

comic strips

Funny Comic by Liniers

Liniers composes short and funny comic strips mainly built around stories or punchlines. He plays with the readers’ minds by changing the initial assumptions of the story, which has gained immense popularity in illustrating daily cartoons.

Action Strips with Sam Hart

Sam Hart is one of the best in creating iconic comic characters like Robin Hood, Judge Dredd, and many more. He holds expertise in combining the essence of visuals and texts in his comic strips, which turn out to be emotion-filled masterpieces.


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